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Adult Day Care Eligibility

Is Adult Day Care your best option? Here are the general admission requirements at Sunshine Adult Day Care Center.

  • Day Care Participant must be Ambulatory; if Mobility challenged, must be able to move with a wheelchair or walker
  • Day Care Participant must not have behavioral issues that could endanger others in the day care facility
  • Day Care Participant needs human interaction throughout the day to avoid isolation and depression
  • Day Care Participant must be able to join in most of the activities and events at the center

For a full assessment, please set an appointment. You can use our online form for your convenience.

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We will be committed to the overall health and wellness the participants at our facility, where we give their families peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for by the most capable hands. About Us »

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What families say about us

These are a few of the comments we received from our day care participants and their families. Click Here »

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